Another attack on London

Another attack on London, another attack on London Bridge. Two people lost their lives on a sunny Friday afternoon. A second attack, in l’Aja, wounded three people in a large shopping street in the center of town; the attacker vanishing into thin air. Shortly before two in the afternoon, in the british capital, a tall, dark-eyed, bearded man (later identified as Usman Khan, 28, from Staffordshire), was immobilized by passersby and killed by police after injuring some people in a building adiacent to the bridge. Earlier, in Fishmonger’s hall, there had been a conference reguarding the rehabilitation and education of ex-convicts. Khan, an ex con himself, had been participating this re-education for islamic terrorism. Two of the injured, one man and one woman, died, while three (one of them in critical but stable condition) remain in the hospital. This attack rekindled in Europe memories of the still unsolved series of attacks in recent years, sometimes led by lone wolves, others by cells of more organized networks. On june 3rd, 2017, on the south sides of London Bridge, eleven people died after a white truck fell on passersby and three man exited, killing the people who were around in restaurants. Yesterday’s event playd out very differently. The dynamics of the first part of the attack at Fishmonger’s Hall are still not entirely clear. There are, however, numerous videos and images of the man’s escape, which show him immobilized on the ground by some people, including ex-convicts, who chased him from the Fishmonger’s Hall with fire extinguishers and sticks. The police, which arrived a few minutes later fired at the man at close range, because he had refused to sit still and upon on, opening his jacket, had shown what appeared to be an expolsive belt. Many witnesses initially spoke of having thought it was all a brawl, and having understood only at the time of shooting, that it had been something much more serious.


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