Welcome to the open sea

How many sardines groups against Salvini have been born in Italy in the past few days? According to estimates there are 54 groups and the movements of sardines continue to grow. Verona’s group, for example, in two days from its inception, has digitally collected more than 10000 followers and it still continuing to grow. “Welcome to the open sea” is the title of their political poster on which they define their goals.  “Sardines” are a non partisan movement that wants to take to the streets to protest agains populism. Nowadays, possibly they are the only real opposition to the far-right majority. Very often those people do not feel represented by the current italian left and have preferred to take the field firsthand to dissociate themselves from the measures taken in recent months. The sardines claim to still believe in real Politicians: those who tink of the well-being of everyone else first, and then of their own personal interests. This is a call to arms for people to approach the world of politics again. They have warned the populists that they have awoken, they have found themselves in a public square, and they have felt the pure energy that comes from a peaceful manifestation for freedom from the oppression of fear and tension. The first reaction, both from the left and from the rifght has been to accuse the sardines of being an empty movement, devoidof a real objective but simply looking to take sides against someone – in this case against Salvini. They aren’t seen as having a political agend because they are simply people who have come together to perform flash-mobs in favor of freedom of demonstration against a politician who will not consider everyone’s needs. Salvini has already responded to these protests by having contest called “Kittens With Salvini” which paid particular attention to images of cats eating little fish. Once again he has shown his lack of maturity by this proposal which speaks for itself. Perhaps the real pitfall for the sardines has been to fight against the wrong cat/enemy. The real target of the protests should perhaps be the inaction of the left, which is currently in government.


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