A truck load of despair and pain

Illegal immigration has had tragic outcomes not only across European borders and along the coasts, but also not far form London, in Essex. During a routine check policemen made a gruesome discovery; a truck from Bulgary containing 39 corpses. The driver was immediately arrested. The investigation (in collaboration with the authorities from the other countries involved) is trying to estabilish the truck’s route. The victims, who had been crammed into the truck, died of asphyxiation. This wasn’t the first time that the UK has seen this kind of tragedy. In June of 2000 the bodies of 58 chinese migrants were found in Dover. Also in that case they were found in the back of a truck. With the intensifications of inspections, the journeys of hope taken by people who are looking for a brighter future, often use unconventional routes. One of the most stirring pieces of evidence from this case comes from one of the victims: Pam Thi Tra My (26 years old) who, a few seconds before dying sents a message to her mother finding the courage to say goodbye. She could no longer breathe. Her search for a new life ended in a truck trailer. Most people could not imagine being on that truck, one stop after another, one border after another. Nor could they imagine the cold they would feel and the the starvation for oxygen they would have.

“I’m sorry mum, my trip abroad did not go well. I love you so much! I’m dying because i cannot breathe.” Pam wrote. We will never be able to imagine what she was going through while texting. What we can do, however, is listen to their latest cries for help. (which unfortunately remained silent when we could still help them).


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