The Kurdish question

The public opinion is divided reguarding the Kurdish question. Some newspaper report that the intervention of the Kurdish army against the Kurds was necessary to restore peace and defend the civilians from ISIS. A lot of other newspapers declare that Turkey is committing crimes against humanity and in Europe they are considering the possibility of interrupting Turkey’s admission process into Europe. It’s not difficult to talk about crimes against humanity during a war because every war is guilty of this. However, no one is intervening, considering that a massacre may be the only possible way to restore peace and to avenge the crimes against humanity perpetrated by Kurdish combatants and civilians. The events that are happening in these days must be seen in the context of the war against Syria which began in 2011. After the attack of the 11th of September the US had a strong reaction and decided to concentrate on financial capitalism. On that date they divided the world in two zones: one which would be the one of economic globalization and the other which would be seen as a simple reserve of raw materials. Syria fell into the second category. The Kurds are a nomadic people who used to live in the Euphrates Valley, in Iraq, Syria and also Turkey. They are organized in clan. The war between the Turkish and the Kurds has been going on for a long time because the Kurds have been fighting against the Turkish government to get the independence. The Kurds have socialist-liberal inspiration and they consider equality, feminism and ecology to be important ideals. Kurdish militians also fought ISIS to defend their state: Rovaja. The US allied with the Kurds to defeat ISIS, but Tukey considered this alliance to be an insult because for them, the kurds are a terrorist group. Unfortunately, recently the Turkish decided to create a safety corridor in the Kurdish territories and break the unstable balance between the Turkish, the Kurds and the US. Trump withdrew American troops from the Euphrates Valley and the Kurds were left alone and later attacked by Erdogan. All the struggles and ideals instituted by the women and men of the Kurdish population today are at risk of extinction. The world which had so many sympathies for this population with democratic ambitions stands still as they die.


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